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Avianca Airlines Official Site

Make your flying experience with the world’s best and more enjoyable airlines. You can visit Avianca Airlines Official Site anytime and anywhere to get all the details.  for instant booking with Avianca Airlines with this stunning airline. You can visit the Avianca Airlines Reservations Official Site and made a booking with having any hassle.

Avianca airlines are the manufacturing brand that represents the Latin Avianca airlines co-ordinated into Avianca Holdings S.A., offering passenger transportation, air cargo and parcel services, and other specialized aviation services. This airline offers a loyalty program, LifeMiles, which provides a wide range of benefits and travel options to its seven million members.

Avianca Airlines makes your trip outstanding and amazing. Avianca Airlines business class offers various to offer to the customers like best service at a reasonable price, solve customer query, comfortable seats, outstanding staff. Although, get refunds on cancellations, or simply booking through Avianca Airlines Reservations Official Site. Visit the official site you get information about the flight, airline offer, airline policy & term and conduction etc.

Know about Avianca Airlines Safety Tips

Avianca Airlines Official Site provides some Avianca airlines safety tips to help yours.

  • Medical Care on the plane: We suggest that you keep them in your carry-on baggage and bring your medical prescription certifying their use, it would probably be requested at the airport.
  • The situation when you may not fly: People with highly communicable diseases such as diphtheria, hepatitis, meningitis, measles, tuberculosis, and smallpox.
  • Transporting patients within Peru: If you have a special medical case and must be transported on an aircraft other than an air ambulance, and your flights are within Peru and your ticket has been issued by Essalud or the Ministry of Health in this country, download, print and complete this form and have your physician sign it.

Get info via Avianca airlines official site

In Avianca Airlines, If you can cancel your ticket within 24 hours of the departure of the flight then you don’t pay the extra charges or penalty. You must also submit the ticket refund form into the Avianca airline Your refund will be sent back in your account within seven days of submitting the ticket refund form.

Please ensure that you have been calling us with a valid phone number. You can also cancel your booking within the calling process. Then you get refund money in your account.

Now, customer can get instant support by visiting Avianca Airlines Official Site Support Page. Here you will get immediate actions on your general queries related to Avianca Cancelled Flights. Now, booking through Avianca Airlines Reservations Official Site is more easy and efficient. As well as, many desired payment are also available.

Avianca Airlines Baggage Information

It takes a quick action about your baggage information and gives a satisfactory result to the customer. Whenever you have a problem with Avianca Airlines baggage information. Then, visit Avianca Airlines official Site.

Checked baggage
Flights Age Tourist Class Business Class
Domestic flights Adults and children between the ages of 2 and 12 years 1 piece weighing a maximum dimension of 23 kilograms each. 1 piece weighing a maximum dimension of 23 kg each.

2 pieces weighing a maximum dimension of 32 kg each.

Infants between the ages of 0 and 2 years (not booked a seat) 1 piece weighing a maximum dimension of 10 kilograms each. 1 piece weighing a maximum dimension of 10 kilograms each.
International Flights Baggage policy for all destinations: the fare always includes one checked bag of 23 kg and one carry-on bag of 10 kg each. 2 pieces weighing a maximum dimension of 32 kg each.
Carry-on baggage

All pieces of baggage, for domestic and international flights indifferent of the Class in which you fly or the origin-destination you have must have a maximum dimension of 55 cms of height, 35 cms of length and 25 cms of width , and or sum of measures dimension is equal to or less than 115 linear centimeters height + length + width including wheels and handles.

Better Your Choose More Enjoyment With Avianca Airlines

The better you choose more enjoyment with avianca airlines. Yes these words are pretty comfortable with this airlines. This airlines is most innovative and user- friendly airlines. Avianca airlines is very popular now days, you can enjoy this flight anytime and anywhere. Avianca airlines provides several offers to the passengers like better staff, best trip at cheap price, good infrastructure, always ready for passengers helps and many more. There are various policy including in avianca airlines like baggage policy, web check – in policy, mobile check – in policy, pregnancy policy, pet policy ,refund policy and many more.

These policy are user-friendly and always helpful for passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions-Avianca airlines

  1. What do I have to do if I’m traveling​ with my own wheelchair?
  2. Can I change the name​ on my ticket?
  3. How can I change my reservation?
  4. Can I make ticket changes online?
  5. What is the free baggage limit?
  6. Can I take perishable items in my baggage?
  7. What is online Check-In and how can I use it?
  8. Can I fly if I’m pregnant?​
  9. What happens if I have special mobility requirements?
  10. Can I check in​ through Avianca airlines official site?

Why choose Avianca Airlines

Everyone is planning a trip to a fabulous destination to spend their holidays. Choose Avianca Airlines for the most comfortable and enjoyable trip for that matter, and make an Avianca Airlines Reservations with us at a huge discount. Avianca Airlines is one of the best airline service providers in the world. If you wants to grab the latest deals and offers. Dial our Avianca Airlines Contact Number. And book your flight ticket at your desired destination. 

If you are facing any kind of issue regarding the Avianca airlines. So contact us at Avianca Airlines Customer Service Number. Our well-prepared team always free for you. you can also visit the Avianca Airlines Official Site to get every relevant detail regarding Avianca Airlines.

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