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Allegiant Airlines Official Site

Planning for a holiday trip, the first thing that comes to the every flyer mind is Comfort and efficiency. Don’t be confused, while choosing the right airline partner. If you are flying within the United States, Allegiant Airlines is the best option for you. Due to its affordable air fares and extensive route network in the US, millions of passengers loves to fly with Allegiant Airlines. You can purchase last-minute deals at a discounted price for Allegiant Airlines Reservations. Visit Allegiant Airlines Official Site to book your flight ticket

Allegiant Air or commonly known as Allegiant is a low-cost airline to the United States that offers charter and scheduled flights. Located in Summerlin, Nevada, it is the ninth largest commercial airline in the United States and is wholly owned by the Allegiant Travel Company. It services more than 100 destinations within the United States.

Our site provides all information related to Allegiant Airlines. And here you will get all  every single detail about Allegiant Air Reservation. For Easy and instant booking you can visit Allegiant Airlines Offical Site.  You can get the information about the Allegiant Airlines flights. Are you making arrangements for a trip? what’s more, need the lowest airlines tickets price, so travel with Allegiant airlines and get best packages ideas which suit your pocket size. That includes-

  • They provide highly powerful services
  • They deal very politely with Passengers
  • Allegiant airlines official site ensure that any customer does not face any issue while booking the tickets
  • Know about the Allegiant airlines flights status and book their flights with best deals

If you want to get more details about airlines, visit the Allegiant Airlines Reservations official site. and check all the details related to the Allegiant airline flight booking process.

Allegiant Airlines Travel information

Our site gives important details related to ticket and reservation. It will help you to know about every single detail. Our portal provided correct and full information regards allegiant airlines reservations and tickets for that you just have visit Allegiant airline official site. There, you don’t have to face any hassle, Just sit and and book your tickets in the Allegiant Air Reservation panel. Now, the process is very easy and convenient. Book now and enjoy your trip with your family and friends. Things that you must have to remember-

  1. Get a duplicate of your confirmation number online and via email.

If u can’t find it, Access it by means of ‘Manage Travel’ utilizing the last 4 digits of the card utilized for payment. (You won’t get paper tickets via the mail.)

  1. Pack your bags.

One Personal Item: Free of charge. Every traveler may bring locally available one (1) individual thing (like a handbag or small backpack, which must be put underneath the seat).

One Carry-On Bag: Fees apply. Every traveler may bring onboard the plane one (1) carry bag which does not oversized necessities for the overhead compartment.

Checked Baggage: Fees apply.

  1. Check your flight status online, or sign up for text-based notifications.
  2. Check-in/get your boarding pass(es).

The check-in window opens beginning 24 hours before takeoff and closes 45 minutes preceding scheduled flight time.

You can cancel your booking inside 24 hrs of purchase for a full refund.

  • For whatever scheduled flight departure date at least week (168 hours) away at the time of booking, you can contact us to cancel online for a full refund inside 24 hours

Your booking is non-refundable.

  • Following 24 hours, buys are non-refundable. A credit voucher useful for future travel will be issued for qualifying changes/cancellation.
  • Schedules can’t be changed inside 7 days of flight, and no credit will be issued except if you have bought Trip Flex.

Get a Allegiant Airlines Reservations through the official site of Allegiant Airlines. One of the best option to find the right info about the online ticket booking. Customer will get the latest offers for Allegiant Airlines Reservations with the lowest flight ticket prices. Visit Allegiant Airlines Official Site to keep updated yourself for upcoming festival offers, discount, coupons, vouchers, and much more travel plan offers which can’t affect your pocket.
Now, you can book Allegiant airlines flight is an easier way at official site of Allegiant airlines. If you face any type of issue at the time of online booking. Then, you can visit at Allegiant Air Reservation support page and get the quick booking process details given above in the web-page.

Allegiant Air Baggage Policy

The Allegiant Air baggage policy isn’t too confusing, it’s just fully justified. Essentially, for the cheapest possible result, keep in mind that try to carry fewer bags along with decreased weight and pay for them at the time of the initialize booking. Although packing the backpacks is such a difficult task. But the Allegiant Air Baggage policy is flexible and user-friendly. The policy may vary according to the size and width of your baggage you were carrying. If the size is excess, then the standard charges may apply. For further details, you can call our third-party experts to get all the details over the phone. Just pick your phone and dial Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Number.

Highlighting the Allegiant Air Baggage Policy are specified below:-

Personal Items

Allegiant Airlines allow their passengers to carry 1 personal item free of cost. Items that you can carry – a purse, briefcase, laptop and tablet, small bag, camera. Although, the items must have to be fitted completely under your seat in front of you. There is no charge for not exceeding the size requirements. The maximum size allowance is 7 inches x 15 inches x 16 inches including handles and wheels.

Carry-on Baggage

Allegiant Airlines allows its passenger to carry, 1 carry-on baggage, along with the standard size limit of 9 inches. x 14 inches; x 22 in. Max including wheel and handle. As well as, a roll-aboard bag, garment bag, or tote bag are permitted. But, keep in mind that, the size may not exceed the requirements. Sometimes, carry-on bag fees apply.

Checked Baggage

Allegiant Airlines allows its passengers to carry up to 4 check bags per person. And the maximum weight of each checked bag is up to 40 pounds (18 kg). And the maximum size is 80 linear inches including height + width + length. Checked baggage fees apply here. And the charges may vary, according to when you were paying the charges. Such as – $30 at the time of the booking process, $45 before departure and $50 at the airport. Remember one thing, additional charges apply for each bag. If the weight is more than 40 pounds.

Overweight/Oversize baggage

Allegiant Airlines will charge up to $50 to $75 for each and every bag. If your checked bag is exceeding the weight limit. Eventually, it will also charge an additional $ 75.00 USD for each bag. If the size of a checked bag is more than 80 linear inches or 203.2 centimeters.

Sports Equipments

Allegiant Airlines is allowing its passengers to carry some sports equipment. Such items that you can carry- ski, golf bag, fishing equipment, hockey, and lacrosse equipment are accepted in Allegiant Air Flights under the size and weight limitations. And it will be counted as one checked bag or hold baggage. Although, relevant standard baggage charges may also apply depends on the size and weight.

Still confused, or have any other query in your mind related to Allegiant Air Flights. Don’t’ worry, here you will get instant solutions on all your queries and concern with our third-party help-desk representatives. You do not have to do too many efforts. Just call our Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Number and get an immediate response along with the best assistance. Our representatives are available 24*7 at your service.

How To Book Flight Ticket With Allegiant Airlines

Whether you are traveling to a new destination for a holiday or not. But, traveling via flight is everyone’s first option. And finding the best deal is quite difficult. Now it’s possible to get some exclusive deals and offers on Allegiant Airlines Reservations. Why wait? Book your Allegiant Air Flights ticket and grab the latest deals before it ends. Now, you can easily book your flight ticket with Allegiant Airlines without getting any obstruction.

Just follow these steps to book your flight ticket with Allegiant Airlines

  • Visit the Allegiant Airlines Reservations page of the official site
  • Go to the “Flight” section
  • Enter the traveling details like- departure and arrival destination, Date, Trip type, etc
  • Click on the “Search” button. And, select the available flight
  • Select your bundle package Like- basic, bonus or total
  • Then, fill the passenger’s details. Like -Name, Gender, DOB, Age, etc
  • Select the desired seat and proceed towards the further process
  • Enter the baggage details, If you are carrying while traveling
  • Then, fill the billing details and select the desired option
  • Once the payment is done
  • You will receive you E-ticket on your given Email Address

If there is any problem in the further booking process of Allegiant Airlines. Then, Customer Can call us anytime on our Allegiant Airlines Customer Service number regarding any query related Allegiant Air Flights booking. Our representatives are available 24 * 7 days a week to hear your complaints. And assures that whatever the issue will be, it will be resolved immediately.

How To Cancel Flight Ticket With Allegiant Airlines

Do you want to cancel your Allegiant Air Flights booking? If yes, then you are at the right place as we discuss about the Allegiant Air cancellation policy. So that customers are not confused if they want to cancel the flight. But, sometimes canceling flight tickets leads to headaches. Especially when you have to pay an additional fee to do so. That’s why, Here we are providing the easy steps to cancel your flight ticket easily and conveniently.

Follow these easy steps to cancel your flight ticket with Allegiant Airlines

  • Go to the Allegiant Air Flights booking page of the official site
  • Login to your account
  • Click on “Manage” booking tab
  • Enter the passenger details like- first and last name and confirmation number
  • After that, click on “Find my trip” button
  • Then, Select the flight and cancel it
  • Once the processing has been done. You are eligible to apply for a refund

In case, if you were still having any problem while canceling your flight ticket. Else, you have any other query regarding the Allegiant Air Flights change, cancellation or refund. Then,  you can connect with experts in our Travel agency. Our Allegiant Airlines Customer Service team provides you instant support and reliable assistance on multiple queries and concerns.

Allegiant Airlines provides different kinds of policy  

Allegiants airlines provides different kinds policy related to the passengers like baggage policy, web check-in policy, mobile check – in policy, pet policy and many more. If you want more information related to allegiant airlines please visit official site.

Different kinds of policy :

Web check-in policy : allegiant airlines web check- in policy includes all information related to flight.

Mobile check-in policy :  you can access all information through mobile. It is the better source for getting information in just one click.

Baggage policy : in baggage policy you can carry one bag or one personal bag. In personal bag you can include purse, laptop and add one or two items. 

Traveling with children

Age at Time of Travel Seating Identification Documentation Must Be Accompanied By
Under 24 months – Option 1: As a booked passenger with his or her own seat.

– Option 2: As a lap child on the lap of an adult passenger seat.

Birth certificate or other identification with birthdate


An adult passenger who is 15 years old

Or above

2 years to 14 years Must have own seat. Additional requirements apply to children 40 pounds or under.

(Additional details below.)

Birth certificate or other identification with birthdate recommend Fare-paying passenger who is at least 15 years old
15 to 17 years Must have own seat Birth certificate or other identification with birthdate

strongly recommend

Might fly without an adult companion but will not be permitted on a flight with a weather advisory.
18 years or older Must have own seat Government-issued photo ID


View TSA requirements.

How does Allegiant Airlines Official Site help to a customer?

Looking for your seat details and confirmation details, Boarding pass, Baggage claim  and about the policies. Then, you can visit Allegiant Airlines official site to see variety of specific helps to its customers, such as-

  1. Flights and reservation
  2. Online Assistance
  3. Refunds
  4. Baggage Tracking
  5. General Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we purchase our tickets at the airport?
  2. How do I report damaged baggage?
  3. Is there a fee to bring a checked bag or a carry-on bag?
  4. What time should I arrive at the airport if my flight is delayed?
  5. Can I change the name on my reservation?
  6. What is Allegiant’s policy for pregnant women?
  7. Do I need to confirm my reservation 24 hours prior to departure?
  8. What are the ages and restrictions for a Lap Child?
  9. Is there a fee to bring a pet in the cabin?
  10. Can I bring my pet on-board?
  11. How long can a flight be delayed before compensation?
  12. How do I claim compensation for a delayed flight?
  13. Can I get compensation for a delayed flight?
  14. Does airlines give vouchers for delayed flights?

Allegiant airlines cancellation policy

Allegiant Airlines is the world cheapest airlines that provide the best service to the customers. Allegiant airlines are known for its customer service at affordable prices. If you want to book your Allegiant air flights ticket, along with attractive offers like discounts coupons, better service, cheap tickets and many more. You will get full information about Allegiant airlines reservations at the main websites. Allegiant airlines are very strict about his cancellation policy.

There are various allegiant airlines policy 

Allegiant airlines introduced various cancellation policy related to flight. If you want to cancel your flight within 24hours of flight, you will get full refund amount. Allegiant Airlines is very user-friendly, they will not ask any question related to the flight cancellation. But when you cancel your flight before 10 minutes for flight departure time you will pay the penalty fees. 

Allegiant Airlines Cheap Flights

Allegiant airlines deal with very cheap flight tickets. The top member of allegiant airlines cheap flights knows what passengers want from the airlines. This airlines always focus on what passengers want from airlines. Allegiant airlines provide various facilities for passengers like cheap flight tickets for all type of passengers. They have categorized his classes like first class, economy class, and business class. In all three class ticket price is very low for our passengers with high-quality service. This services provided via Allegiant Airlines never ends because Allegiant Airlines Reservations team are available 24 hours at your service. The best thing about allegiant airlines is to focus on the best service to the passengers at a reasonable price.

Why passengers like our airlines?

  • There are several reasons for passengers like our airlines
  • We are providing an optimum result to the passengers.
  • Very low price tickets.
  • Best quality service.

Allegiant Airlines Promo Codes 2020

With Allegiant Airlines, you will be able to travel all over the United States at very affordable rates. Although, customers can use the Allegiant Air promo codes and Allegiant Air coupon for additional savings up to a hundred bucks off on their Allegiant Air Flights booking. Use coupons for Allegiant Air Flights and get a great range of holiday packages under your budget. Allegiant Air promo codes and coupon codes are hand-checked and verified by airline community members. Just get the verified Allegiant Air promo codes and coupons for allegiant air flights via the official site of the Allegiant Airlines.

Make Allegiant Airlines Reservations even more affordable by using coupons for allegiant air or Allegiant Air promo codes. Planning for a convenient and wonderful vacation trip. Allegiant Air will give you the best price every time. Be sure to take advantage of Allegiant Air promo codes or coupons for allegiant air to get a chance to save more on your next holiday with this program. As well as, now customers can also use verified allegiant air promo code while booking a five-star hotel or luxury car. 

Grab the Allegiant Air promo codes from Allegiant Airlines Official Site to get great prices on cheap flights and package deals. Whether you’re considering planning a weekend trip in Vegas or a business trip to Florida. Whenever you fly with Allegiant Air Flights, you may find the in-flight lifestyle is more affordable than you think. It’s time to use it. It will bring a lot of benefits for you. And get up to 25% Off, and the extra discount is available. 

How do I use my Allegiant Air promo code

Choose the offer and copy the code, and visit the Allegiant Airlines Official Site. where you can browse for your Allegiant Air Flights. Once you select the suitable flights, just proceed towards the booking process. Although, you have an option to add a rental car with an extra bag or more legroom on your booking. When you reach the Payment Options page if you have an Allegiant Air promo code or voucher code? There is a ‘Tab ‘, click on it, and paste your code in the box provided, and click ‘Apply’ to redeem it.

Still, if you were having any problem while redeeming the allegiant air promo code or coupon codes. Then, you can get instant help from our Travel agency experts by dialing our Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Number. Our expertise will sort out all your queries and concerns and give you the best solutions.

Traveling with pets in Allegiant airlines

You can travel with your or pets in the Allegiant airlines flights. Allegiant airlines offer the pets rides in the 48 United States and many U.S territories. Includes Puerto Rico, San Juan, etc but they’re all kinds of pets are not accepted. There are some policies rule you must know before flying with your pet in the cabin.Allegiant Airlines Official Site

  • Dogs and cats accepted in the cabin only
  • Strongly recommended a soft-sided leak proof carrier that easily adjusts under the seat
  • The carrier size no longer than 9” H x 16” W x 19” D
  • You can’t carry more than 2 pet in a single carrier
  • You can’t transport animals in the cargo bin
  • Allegiant airlines don’t take the pet health responsibility in the cabin

Allegiant Airlines pregnancy policy

Allegiant  Airlines is one of the cheapest airlines that offers the best services at affordable prices. Allegiant Airlines provides various policies related to pregnancy like Allegiant airlines always check all the health reports of the pregnant lady via doctor’s consultation before flying with Allegiant Air Flights.  Only when the doctor’s allowed to take the flight, because passenger safety is more important. The main motive of Allegiant airlines towards the nation.  

Allegiant airline reservation office center provides good information about your queries. You can contact us our customer service number and you will get the best solution to your problem. And our expert team take get immediate action against your concern or issue. According to a survey, Allegiant Airlines Official Site is more helpful and problem-solving than other airline customer services as compard to Allegiant airlines customer service number.

Is it safe to fly Allegiant Air

The short and best answer to this question is “yes”. Allegiant airlines are the world-class international airlines in America that provide world best to the passengers. If the flight were not safe, that FAA suspended the airline operating certificate of that particular airline. Allegiant airlines is a very oldest airlines, in some cases FAA issue some guidelines related to the airlines. If founds the problems in engines and the airplane system. The FAA notice that. 

Allegiant Airlines Flights

Allegiant airlines are lost cost airlines. It’s covered more than 100 destinations in 40 U.S states. Allegiant airlines on many routes manage, it operates a couple of times in a weak. Allegiant airlines focus on both types of airports like smaller and larger including various airports likes Bellingham international airports, Los Angeles international airports and many more airports. If you want more information related to allegiant airlines, you can visit main website or call us on our Allegiant Airlines Customer Service Number.  Allegiant airlines are provided the best service to the customers as compared to the lowest fare. The service of allegiant airlines is user – friendly, the military program that allows for a free package. Now allegiant airlines flying into major cities and it will cover a lot of countries around the world. In the future, they will closer to Chicago.

Why choose Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines is a budget carrier that specializes in flights from small regional airports to popular holiday destinations throughout the United States. Allegiant Airlines is known for its outstanding customer service. Thousands of customers are able to fly with Allegiant Airlines towards their dream destination. Book your flight ticket without having any hassle by dialing our Allegiant Airlines Contact Number. Here you will get the best offers to save more on Allegiant Air Reservation. If you ned any informations related to your flight bookings or airlines. Ask with our Allegiant Airlines Reservations Experts and resolve all your problems.

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